The Piatakia Experience

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October 31, 2016
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November 21, 2016

The Piatakia Experience


I have come to know Roddy Damalis a few years ago, after visiting his restaurant, Piatakia.

Our chat brought us to realize that it’s such a small world, since we discovered common relatives! Needless to say that we bonded at once, as Roddy is such a kind and open hearted person.

Piatakia is a dining experience nurtured and kept unique by Roddy’s love of cooking and passion for creating unusual flavor combinations by using lots of herbs, spices and traditional delicacies…..Who would ever think that glyko karidaki (preserved walnut) could team up so nicely with duck, or that our favourite soutziouko(long strip of almonds dipped in grape juice) can become part of a delicious main course? Although Piatakia is a small cozy restaurant, hidden away in a Limassol neighborhood, it has so many followers that it can rival in popularity any gourmet restaurant centrally located in London, Paris or New York! Roddy always welcomes you with a smile and suggests to you with excitement the day’s specials and his favourites…..You end up having more than you could eat and you do not regret a minute of this amazing feast ! Needless to say that Roddy also collects an incredible selection of wines, from around the world that you get to choose yourself at his upstair’s wine cellar. Creativity goes astray when it comes to the desserts! A sorbet with berries like you never tasted, a devilish chocolate sweet or tangy plums in black pepper.

And for those who want to have a go in impressing their guests, Roddy offers Cookery Workshops, sharing his secrets as a self taught Chef! He has done so for a wider audience, during a morning TV show, as well as a food critic. Following such success, Roddy also published his first cookbook, “My Little Plates”, which is a must have for every food lover; the images arouse your appetite, following a theme of meals presented on beautiful plates from personal collections of friends and family. The creative photography also showcases our island and many interesting facets of the town of Lemesos, making it an excellent keepsake for visitors.

Well done Roddy !

By Myrto Toufexi Kleovoulou/ Travel Specialist Copywriter