Through a careful selection of suitable routings and challenging test drive locations, OM DMC carefully designs detailed proposals that suggest impressive hotel options, ample spaces to reveal and showcase the most prestigious car models and remarkable press launch parties, with a backdrop of unique natural settings coupled with high end culinary experiences. Greece, is full of possibilities, easily accessible and visitor friendly, with very good climate around the year, and an amazing selection of modern facilities. From a vibrant city to a long coastline it’s a “life-seeing” experience rather than a “sight-seeing” experience. Standing on top of the cliff at Meteora staring at nature in its grandest form, only then you can truly understand why Greece has been chosen by so many reputable motor industries. The variety of road infrastructure, combined with beautiful scenery, well equipped accommodation options, excellent climate conditions throughout the year and flexibility with the demanding organizational logistics have elevated Greece to an emerging and ideal car launch destination.