The mentality and culture of our company is geared around customer satisfaction and personalized service, taking into consideration that no matter the size or complexity of an event it is treated in the same respect.

In pursuit of greatness, since 1989, we sacrificed volume over quality, massive over boutique and a non-personal, over long-lasting relationships. Our drive and motivation comes from our love of our destinations. Our strength was always our reputation for reliability and integrity, reinforced by our creative and detailed response to any query.

Management team

Our experienced Management team oversee all event planning services with the most professional manner and speed. We adapt to your needs and to new trends, delivering RFPs better, faster and at competitive costs.  For us, it is a personal matter to look after your events!

Stavros Kleovoulou

Stavros is the company’s Founder and an experienced Executive who studied and lived in New York for many years.

Myrto T. Kleovoulou

Myrto joined the company from those early days as a Partner, following her longtime experience in luxury hotel chains.

Vasso Kitsiou

Vasso joined the team in 2018 as part of the Operations department and rapidly rose to the challenge of showcasing the very best in Greece.

Andreas Kleovoulou

Andreas, with a background in Media Communication and Marketing, handles the company’s digital promotion and maintains the client database, the core of our business.


Our Mission is to act responsibly as an organization, treating our stakeholders fairly, minimizing the impact of our business on the environment and challenging the conventions of our industry to provide superior services and unique ideas.


Our motto is to believe in ideas and bring them to life, with a total commitment to our valued clients and select associates. Getting your message across is our priority, with originality and creativity that represents you. Our relationships are strong based on trust, and mutual respect. Taking pride in everything we do helps build our business and client loyalty. For us, commitment is not a job, it’s a vocation!


Our goal, since 1989, is that of growing our business and maximizing efficiency, through lesser use of energy, material and more recycling. Our dedicated team integrates, on a day to day basis, such social and environmental considerations, involving company strategies and projects, with a long term goal to give back to our community and create a safe environment for future generations.


OM DMC’s values determine our behavior! They penetrate the whole of our business and are the driving force behind our success. We are client focused and offer that “little something” which will make us stand out from the crowd. By following strict policies we became successful, abiding by proper rules and regulations and most importantly after conducting business in an ethically correct manner.

Our Principles

At OM DMC we believe in the broader definition of corporate social responsibility and commit to protect our environment, be a good citizen in all of our communities, and work with clients and suppliers to help reduce environmental impact.