The OM teambuilding activities are designed to enhance team communication, involve strategy, task-oriented assignments and overall positive team achievements. Boat building competition, cocktail making contest, culinary Master Chef competition, jeep football, donkey polo or our newly introduced GPS Challenge are just some of our most popular activities.

Interactive Challenges


A combination of physical, intellectual and creative challenges that engages everyone in activities aiming the achievement of a specific goal. An activity that keeps the competition “friendly” and unveils individual abilities and perspectives.

Team Adventures

It consists of activities that enhance an individual’s contribution in team performance, while reflecting real life behaviour and practices of a working environment.


Suitable as a break from meetings, this activity engages everyone as part of a team to battle it out, following detailed instructions in a strict time frame, so as to feel energized and continue a productive day.


Fast paced challenges that increase skills of peer coaching, enthusiastic support and test concentration, visual memory and quick eye-hand coordination in a countdown fun activity.

Out of the Box

A culinary experience to encourage creativity and team collaboration, while learning new skills from an awarded Chef. The ingredients are sourced from local farmers or from a Therapeutic non-profit Community cultivating their own Bio products, as part of our CSR Give a Hand program.



A high adventure activity that enhances leadership and communication, problem solving and coaching skills while emphasizing collaboration, risk-taking and trust between the members of a team.


Adopting a company’s need for teams that can highly perform in dynamic environments, this competitive activity enables team members to handle uncertainty and other challenges.

Goal Setting

An exciting challenge that enganges the team in goal setting and risk taking processes while at the same time tests their patience and persistence to achieve specific tasks.

Experience & Explore

Get to face the unknown and figure a way out of unforeseen encounters, by exploring the countryside and natural surroundings.



Activities that enable all the participants to unveil their talents and and be involved in a collaboration environment that promotes critical thinking, leadership and problem solving such as building a boat or even a bridge.


Focuses on planning and attention to detail, providing the opportunity to the teams to be innovative and creative with materials at hand such as giant puzzles, legos or other building objects.

Seaside Creativity

Taking advantage of our perfect climate, this activity takes place by the seaside, and engages participants in a process of competing in innovation and time while focusing on brainstorming and team collaboration.

Out & About

Geo Trek

The event will start with an uplifting briefing to get the teams ready for the challenge ahead. A tablet containing a series of ‘hotspots’ will be handed to each team for a day of fierce competition.

Get – Set- Go

A fast-paced adventure that is set outdoors with sophisticated problem-solving challenges, one after the other, with activities such us biking, hiking and rock-climbing.

Underwater World

Snorkelling or diving offers the opportunity to observe the abundant beauty that lies beneath the majestic seabed of our Mediterranean Sea. A great and fun way to experience the underwater world.

Urban Quest

The teams ought to explore urban environments through a competitive game that aims to complete specific directions, challenges and puzzles with the goal to raise more points. A process that will familiarize the teams with the city environment, and encourage them to practice their team decision making.

Land & Sea Challenges

An opportunity to experience, as a team, a hiking adventure or a popular water based activity with competitive action enabling the participants to have insightful conversations and practice their collaborative skills.