The Athens Pentathlon is a fun way to visit the city’s most known landmarks and historical sites. Skills are required per team to plan a route, use one’s knowledge, mingle with the locals and successfully complete the required tasks.  In the summer months, the popular Boat Building competition not only requires technical skills but also speed in completing a nicely designed boat that will float. Similar skill required events involve Bridge Building or even Bike Assembling.  The Survival Day tests one’s stamina and endurance as it includes orientation skills and physical challenges with variations being a Survival Weekend with camping in natural surroundings. Boost a company’s spirit by participating at the Guinness Book of Records with an authentic idea or as part of our CSR programs join a Charity Project or Fund Raising event.  The Seven Wonders of Greece enables each team to create one of the Seven Wonders under the guidance of a professional jury panel. Other activities that enhance team communication, involve strategy, task-oriented assignments and the overall positive achievements of the participants, include City Treasure Hunt, Company Logo, Sea Treasure Hunt, All Means of Transport, The Stolen Aphrodite and Beach Olympics with a more modern twist being the intriguing GPS Challenge.