Fragility of the MICE Industry

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February 14, 2020
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May 18, 2020

Fragility of the MICE Industry


During such treacherous times, due to outbreaks or political instability, the MICE industry is among the first to be directly influenced.  One can argue about the current measures taken to minimize the spread of coronavirus, but what is certain is that we are all suffering from event cancellations and or postponements until further notice.  We must all stay vigilant and take advantage of this time to re-assess in general future enforceable measures that will safeguard our sector and minimize any losses.  We feel very fortunate to be in a joyful part of the world, Greece, the Greek Islands and Cyprus, with the least or no cases yet of coronavirus, but our thoughts are with all those directly affected by this fast spreading disease.

Stay safe and on a more positive note Spring is here and fast heading into Summer, so we are here to discuss with you any future potential business.

by Myrto