Greece is probably one of the most suitable European destinations for impressive Car Launches. The diversity of components that one can associate their products with, such as Classical, Trendy, Historical, Legendary, Natural, Cosmopolitan, allows the OM team to search and propose the most suitable location to successfully showcase a prestigious automobile brand. OM’s experience, as a host of numerous high end car launches around the globe, is constantly exploring new routes for an amazing driving experience in majestic Greece. A 4×4 corporate challenge is a fantastic experience and a great way to visit the most remote and breath taking Greek mountainous areas only accessible by jeeps. Chauffeured or self-drive, the routing includes passing through riverbeds, ravines, abandoned villages and thriving fruit orchards, to scenic sites and traditional quaint villages. The fun of such off-road driving, under the guidance of OM marshals, combined with some challenges, encourages team communication, a sense of personal achievement and great team results. For the most daring Rally driving is thrilling to watch or to join a professional as a co-driver. Greece is a host, for several years now, of the Acropolis World Rally Championship, a clear sign that the country and its varied terrain find appeal among professional drivers. The island’s varied landscapes and twisty mountain roads offer a multitude of driving challenges even for the most elite championship drivers. Navigate your way to a thrilling experience and as a co-driver instruct the professional championship driver on the best and fastest way to go around the circuit.