The ever-popular Boat Building Activity requires simple technical skills and lots of team creativity to create a unique looking boat with a special name and flag design, floating being the most important aspect. Other similar constructive activities could be Bridge Building to go through a river. Giant Jeep Football lets you experience the thrills of kicking a ball not with your foot but with the car. The challenge is pushing with the car a giant football and scoring goals in a specially created pitch. It’s a hilarious activity which unusually combines football skills together with that of driving expertise. During a Survival Day, there is first a briefing by a member of the military, testing stamina and endurance, including an orientation as well as physical challenges. Certain variations could be a Survival Weekend or the OM Trophy. As part of our CSR events we suggest Charity Projects, Community Work, Fund Raising Events and our popular Donkey Polo which supports local Donkey Sanctuaries. Further corporate competitive events, by sea or by land, is the Guinness Book of Records, City Treasure Hunt, All Means of Transport, Company Logo Puzzle and Beach Olympics. For a more modern twist, OM has also introduced the intriguing GPS Challenge.