Our Ultimate 4×4 Corporate Challenge provides a fantastic experience and the best way to visit the most remote and magnificent areas of Cyprus, either chauffeured or self-driven.  Drive through riverbeds and ravines, abandoned villages and thriving fruit orchards, to scenic sites and traditional villages.  Such off-road driving, combined with lots of challenges, encourage team communication and personal achievement. Depending on the season, each team will be asked to make a designated stop to fill up a basket of grapes or oranges or olives or carobs…  OM’s trained and experienced staff is there to safely lead the teams through a maximum of experiences.

For an adrenaline rush join a Co-driving Rally Competition, under the guidance of a professional racing drivers, and win the Motor Cross Rally Trophy. Prior to such an event there is a detailed briefing on the methods, safety rules and the route.  A memorable event for high thrill seekers!