Nicosia Teambuilding

Cretan Teambuilding
May 23, 2018
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July 25, 2019

Nicosia Teambuilding


A well-designed event, combining work with pleasure in Nicosia, the island’s capital, to bring together the team with the element of fun and competition, rewarding them with a gourmet dining experience by a hip restaurant in the historical landmark of Nicosia, the Famagusta gate.

This most popular corporate activity was carefully designed with several clues, to familiarise them with the customs and traditions of the country, located around the revamped pedestrian area of the old town; such as performing the basic steps of the local folklore “syrtaki”, discovering hidden gems and the sense of smelling and touching so as to recognise indigenous herbs and local produce with the guidance of a local expert, preparing a traditional dish while sipping a well-deserved chilled coffee at a local “kafenio” so as to feel the vibes of the old town.

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Country: Middle East

Date: June 2018