Halkidiki, birthplace of Aristotle, is situated in the northern part of Greece and southeast of Thessaloniki, renowned for its lash pine forests, golden sandy beaches, secluded bays with crystal clear waters and quiet idyllic villages. Halkidiki is the ‘trident’ with its three distinct peninsulas consisting of Kassandra in the west, Sithonia in the centre and Ayio Oros with Mount Athos, in the east. There are excellent resorts on these two “legs” but Ayio Oros is an autonomous state and important centre of Eastern Orthodox monasticism, comprising of 20 Christian Orthodox monasteries and churches. Over half of the prefecture is covered in forests with oak, pine, beech trees and large crops of olive and citrus fruit. Apart from its amazing nature, Halkidiki also has a lot to offer in terms of historic sites making it an attractive destination for leisure or for business.