Theme Nights

Get into the true spirit of what a Theme Night is all about, with OM showing you the ropes! OM will look after all the details, from decorations and lighting, to the entertainment and costumes (optional, of course)!

Village Feast
One of the great aspects of Greece is the many possibilities for outdoor dining, under the bright blue or starry sky and in warm summer-like weather. A truly memorable evening is the traditional Feast setup in an authentic village setting, with long tables, festive lighting and an abundance of local delicacies as part of the famous 'meze', not to mention the local wine! The fun and entertainment is enhanced by the acrobatic folklore dance show, and the traditional but also popular music.
The Village Feast can include a village fair and a traditional village wedding or in islands like Spetses, OM can organize horse carriage from your hotel to the village for small groups.

Ancient Greek Night
Build up and preparation for this evening begins from the early afternoon when the optional attire for the delegates is room dropped to each guest’s room comprising traditional togas, sandals, wreaths for the head and fake jewelry. Ancient Greek decorations recreate an authentic and special atmosphere that will definitely charm the guests from the very first moment they arrive at the venue. On that night, entertainment is a Must. From Ancient Greek tragedy to traditional Greek dancers, or even Archaic dancers dressed as ancient athletes and performing the ritual ceremony of the opening of the Olympic Games, can be arranged by OM.

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