Team Building

The Athens Pentathlon
This event has been designed for your enjoyment during your stay in Athens and will enable you to visit some of the most exciting and historical sites of our city. Together with your team, you will need to plan your route, use your knowledge, share your experience and involve yourselves to successfully complete the 5 various tasks.

Building a Boat
Given 2-3 hours to build their boat, teams tackle the technical side of the boat building, and will need creativity to give their boat a name and make a flag to represent their team.

The teams are marked on creativity, design and the technical aspects of the boat, i.e. whether it will float!
Other constructive activities:
•    Building a Bridge
•    Building a Car

Survival Day
Briefed by a member of the military, the delegates' stamina and endurance will be tested on this activity day that will include orientation and also physical challenges.
Variations of the theme:
•    Survival Weekend
•    The OM Trophy

Guiness Book of Records
Now you can be part of an event for the Guiness Book of Records and sure to boost any company's spirit! Illustrated here is the process in creating the world's largest collage (currently 28mx10m).
Other activities with PR properties:
•    Charity Projects
•    Fund Raising

The seven wonders of Greece
•    The delegates in teams register for the workshop of their choice, to create one of the "Seven Wonders of Greece".
•    The Jury panel includes professionals in each field who with years of experience and expert eyes select the final Wonders.

Sample workshops include Mosaic Making, Theatre Play, Instrumental Session, Cooking, Zeus Making, Painting, and Archeological Excavation class etc.

Other Activities
Other Team Building activities that enhance team communication, involve strategy, task-oriented assignments and the overall positive achievements of the teams, include:
•    City Treasure Hunt
•    Company Logo
•    Sea Treasure Hunt
•    Find the Man
•    All Means of Transport
•    The Stolen Aphrodite
•    Beach Olympics

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