Greece combines the ancient with the modern worlds, a solid infrastructure and communications network linking the country's many ports, countless islands and rocky islets.

The possibilities in Greece are endless. One can shop in the elegant boutiques of Athens or go further afield to the local flea markets with their narrow streets and delightful curio shops.

Numerous activities can also be organized which include sports for the adventurous, special tours for the nature lovers to the country's majestic landscape or sightseeing tours for those interested in seeing Greece's innumerable archaeological treasures & monuments.

Alternatively, one can just relax at one of the unspoiled, sun kissed beaches, which can be found along Greece's magnificent coastlines. Furthermore, the clear waters of the Mediterranean azure sea which surround Greece in combination with the many traditional and cosmopolitan islands make up the ideal itinerary for ultimate sailing experiences.

Greece is a European hotspot with a pace of its own! Proud, intense, thrilling music of strummed bouzoukis, chic Michelin star restaurants, Greek taverns at the famous Plaka area, dominated by the Acropolis and its world famous ancient sites, arouse one’s senses.  Greece’s numerous islands offer postcard sunsets, creating a sense of magic!

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