Team Building

Boat Building Activity

Given 2-3 hours to build their boat, teams tackle the technical side of the boat building, and will need creativity to give their boat a name and design a flag to represent their team.  The teams are marked on creativity, design and the technical aspects of the boat, i.e. whether it will float!

Other constructive activities:

Bridge Building

Car Building

Giant Football Driving Competition

A unique football experience that will certainly bring lots of laughter.  Delegates will be challenged in pushing with the car a giant football and scoring goals in a specially created pitch.  This event combines football skills together with that of driving expertise, so an unusual blend that makes this event very popular and unforgettable.

Survival Day

Briefed by a member of the military, the delegates' stamina and endurance will be tested on this activity day and it will include orientation as well as physical challenges.

Variations of the theme:


Survival Weekend

The OM Trophy

Other activities with PR properties:

Charity Projects

Community Work

Fund Raising Events

Some other suggested activities are:

Enter the Guiness Book of Records

Donkey Polo

City Treasure Hunt

All Means of Transport

Company Logo

Sea Treasure Hunt

Find the Man

The Stolen Aphrodite

Beach Olympics


And much more…

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