Driving Events

Ultimate 4x4 Corporate Challenge

A fantastic experience for the delegates and a great way to see the most remote and magnificent areas of Cyprus. Chauffeured or self-drive, the event takes the delegates through riverbeds and ravines, abandoned villages and thriving fruit orchards, to scenic sites and traditional villages.

Off road driving, combined with lots of challenges, encourage team communication and personal achievement. Depending on the season, each team will be asked to make a designated stop to fill up a basket of grapes or oranges or olives or carobs...

OM's trained and experienced staff is there to safely lead the teams through a maximum of experiences.


Co-driving Rally Competition

How about competing in a co-driving contest to pump up the adrenalin?

Professional racing drivers will each take one delegate as co-driver and together they will race for the Motor Cross Rally Trophy. Prior to the event delegates will be fully briefed on the methods and the safety rules, the route, as well as the use of equipments.

There will be three legs to the race, each one offering a different terrain. Each leg is timed and the team with the best overall timing wins the Motor Cross Trophy.* Each car will be equipped with a FIA ‘spy’ module so that cheating will not be possible.

A memorable event for high thrill seekers!




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